About Learning With Lucky®

Learning with Lucky® was created in 2005 by an elementary school teacher and her insurance agent as a supplemental reading program for the first grade classroom. Learning with Lucky┬« was designed to help teachers overcome the challenges of increased class sizes and the varied learning levels of the many students. Learning with Lucky® is an incentive based system that motivates students to earn privileges and incentives associated with their "reading buddies."

Each student receives a black or yellow stuffed Labrador reading buddy along with a book log. The students spend time with their reading buddy each day in the classroom and work together as a "team" on a variety of projects designed to encourage reading. The Learning with Lucky® program begins just after the start of the school year and ends with the termination of the school year. Graduates of the Learning with Lucky® program take their reading buddy home to continue to assist them.

With the ever increasing class sizes and the steadily decreasing educational funding provided to the school districts and their teachers, Learning with Lucky® is designed to be FREE to the school. The cost of the Learning with Lucky® program is paid for by sponsors in the form of local businesses or community-minded philanthropists.

We've had over 30,000 successful graduates of the Learning with Lucky® program. That's truly something to bark about!

"Don't be surprised if you enter a first grade classroom at Betty Kiefer Elementary and see students cuddled up with a puppy enjoying a good book. This year we partnered with Parker Toyota and Horace Mann Insurance to incorporate the Learning with Lucky® program. We are excited about the impact on reading achievement this program has had, but the impact is far more reaching than just achievement. Our first graders love to read! We were excited about this program from its inception. We saw the Learning with Lucky® program as a way to motivate students to practice reading outside of school time. This program did that and so much more. It was interesting to watch the evolution of our readers during this process. Many of our first graders went from reading to earn the rewards for their puppies to reading for pleasure. This program allowed us to motivate the reluctant reader through the difficult process of learning to read. Because these students were so focused on rewarding their puppies, they were diligent about their practice. Those students are now fluent readers who read for enjoyment, which is the ultimate goal of reading instruction in the first grade. We know that students who leave first grade as proficient readers will always be proficient. One of the things we know about ensuring that all children learn to their maximum potential is that it takes all of us to achieve that goal. Parker Toyota and Horace Mann Insurance have stepped up to the plate in a big way. They have provided an incredible model for other businesses who are interested in the education of this country's future."
Debbie Long, Principal
Lisa Sexton, Vice Principal (and proud mom of a Learning with Lucky® First Grader)
Betty Kiefer Elementary, Rathdrum, ID

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