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Price per LUCKY package is $750
What do I get with the LUCKY Package?

  • 30 LWL Stuffed Puppies
  • 30 LWL Book Logs
  • 30 LWL Puppy Collars
  • 30 LWL Window stickers
  • 30 LWL Parent/Volunteer Letters
  • 3000 LWL Book Log Stickers
  • 1 New Classroom Book
  • 1 LWL Classroom Poster

"The Pawsibilities Could Be Endless
With A Sponsor Like YOU!"

If you would like to be a sponsor or find out how else you can participate in this wonderful program, please call us at: 503-523-6780, email us at:, or fill out the online form below and we will contact you right away!



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Help your local students to BARK!
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